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Summer Camp

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Before we know it this school year will be over and kids will go off to summer camps. Camps quickly fill up with kids...and their stuff! Personalized items not only make camp more fun but is a necessity to make sure your camper brings home the same things they brought in. Here are some items you are going to want when you pack for camp.

A drawstring backpack is perfect for toting daily items as kids move from activity to activity. The bags are 100% canvas so they can be washed. This means your backpack can be used summer after summer and still look new.

All kids need the same items during a camp session. Labeling everything will help your child keep track of what is theirs and what isn't. These vinyl labels can be attached to almost anything and last even when they get wet. Perfect for toothbrushes, toothbrush holders, sunscreen bottles, hairbrushes, and much more!

Having a water bottle at camp is essential. Add personalized vinyl to any water bottle to ensure it doesn't get lost.

Campers have to keep all their toiletries together from their cabin to the bathroom. Don’t want that toothbrush dropped on the floor? This personalized caddy and canvas toiletry bag are great ways for your child to keep his or her stuff tidy.

The summer sun is brutal. Send them to camp with a personalized hat that includes their name, initials, or favorite saying to protect their face from the sun and help keep them cool.

Use these personalized acrylic keychains to attach to those hard-to-label items like sleeping bags, backpacks, and more.

Having a clipboard is so useful at camp for journaling, letter writing, or making friendship bracelets. Send kids off with a personalized clipboard with their name on it or a special message.

A laundry bag is an essential item so they can collect all those dirty clothes! This adorable personalized laundry bag will hold up to 2-3 loads of laundry.

Bringing a special pillow can definitely help kids feel close to home even when they are far away. Personalize their pillowcase and even send a few fabric markers so all their cabin mates can sign it when they leave.


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