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Home Sweet Home

I always like to start a new year by decluttering my home - a sort of "new year cleaning"! With a family of four and a dog, unfortunately, the house doesn't always stay that way but I find keeping things as organized as possible with everyone going in different directions definitely helps control the clutter! Whether it is the kitchen, playroom, office, closet, or laundry room it is amazing how much a label can help my kids (and husband) put items in their proper home.

Custom vinyl labels are available in lots of different colors and sizes. You can also order permanent or removable vinyl labels depending on what you are using them on. The options are really endless. Check out some of the cool ideas below to keep your chaos organized!


Permanent vinyl labels work best in the kitchen since they stand up to the mess and can be easily be wiped down.


Adding a vinyl label to these clear lazy susan turntables for all those hard-to-store bathroom items allows items not to get lost. And a labeled old-school Caboodle is great to keep all my daughter's makeup and hair supplies in one place!


Adding a permanent or removable label where the supplies are stored like closets and laundry rooms makes cleaning up so much easier and makes items look neat and tidy.

Personalize your Home

Now that your home is organized it is time to give it the personal touch. Try adding these custom kitchen towels or coasters. To see more items to personalize your home and life, visit the Kake & Jelly shop.

Hope this gets you thinking about how you too can organize your home. As you are decluttering if you find additional ways to help control the chaos or personalize your home with labels let me know! I would love to see all your ideas!


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